Divide & Conquer Driveway Plant Sale, 5/14/11

by | May 8, 2011 | Lay of the land, THRIFT

7th quasi-annual Divide & Conquer
Driveway Plant Sale

Saturday, May 14
9:00 AM—noon
515 W. Carpenter Lane
Phila., PA 19119

More than 700 plants!
Perennials, re-seeders, and select herbs dug up from one two Mt. Airy gardens and lovingly offered at rockbottom prices. From ajuga to aster, echinacea to iris, hosta to hellebore, and sedum to sweet woodruff…plus ferns, ferns, ferns! Get our spin-offs, volunteers, and never-looked-right-theres while you can.

Please note: Plastic Pot Recycling Project has been suspended now that the city will take #5 and #6 plastics.

No seedling left behind!