The upside to being audited. Really.

by | Jun 18, 2009 | Lay of the land, THE NEXT 4 YEARS


Today was to be Day Two of the IRS audit, and we were forewarned to clear an 8-hour block. As it turned out, we got in and out in one hour, zip zip, in part because we decided to take an unjust but small hit on the home office. We’ll pay 15 bucks a month for the next five years, and frankly, it would have been worth a lot more to get out of that Kafka-Meets-Adaptation nightmare.

But there was truly an upside, as you’ll see in this photo of beloved husband (and tax preparer) John in the lobby. Look above him! 44! There he is! I know we’re beginning to see that Obama’s not perfect, but still — how cool is this? Made my heart proud.