Bangkok sawasdee ka; Bonjour Paris

by | Jun 27, 2011 | Food, Word Up

Snack Time, Chang-style

Rue Linné

Three months ago, summer in the 6th Borough was shaping up to be one of the stay-at-home kind (which would not have been too shabby, given the full-of-fun household we have these days, the capacity for last-minute cookouts with equally spontaneous friends, and a garden in need of some serious rehab).

Then fate intervened.

Now I’m back from three weeks in Thailand (on assignment for MORE magazine) and about to spend July teaching creative nonfiction in a fabulous program at the Paris American Academy. Ensconced in a sweet little studio apt. on Rue Linné. With a lovely band of colleagues and many talented students. In France. Where they have baguettes.

Bottom line 1: If ever there were an argument for keeping your passport up to date…. Bottom Line 2: If anyone hears me complaining about ANYTHING in the next month or so, tell me to zip it.