Purled Oysters

by | Jul 1, 2009 | Lay of the land

Okay, these aren’t exactly oysters, but they’re crazy (and in certain cases, icky-but-cool) knitting projects. “It’s summer,” you say. “No time for knitting!” But is it really summer? I can’t tell with all the rain.


SCIENCE CLASS: This little hopper is from an ETSY shop called the Crafty Hedgehog.










colette-le-chalet-exhibition-1 SUPER-SIZED: Okay, I can’t quite figure out the source of this fast food (with tray!), except that I think it’s from a French knitting group called Wool and the Gang, which meets at a shop called Colette that’s located somewhere in Paris. Maybe. Here’s Colette’s site (pay no attention to the deafening disco beat that plays in the background…better still, mute it).


fiesta12CREAM AND SUGAR: This Fiesta Ware tea set from The Blue Blog (and if you check out her other gorgeous and more wearable projects, you’ll be sucked in for many more minutes than you intended).