Quibbling Siblings: Eldercare Edition

by | Nov 21, 2012 | Word Up

MORE Magazine is staffed by a bunch of thoughtful, curious smartypants, which may be why two of my best-ever assignments came from them. One, in their May 2012 issue, investigates how sibling relationships are affected by caregiving for elderly parents…and what we can do about it. This is a topic that speaks to 43 million Americans, according to the AARP, a number corroborated by every other conversation I stumble into.

Here’s a snippet:

Caring for elderly parents is a monumental rite of passage, one that requires adult children to confront kaleidoscopic loss and an encroaching sense of their own mortality. “Without a previous generation to provide a protective cushion, you no longer feel invulnerable and invincible,” says Geraldine Alpert, PhD, a psychiatrist in private practice in San Francisco. “There’s also a feeling that the universe has lost its rightful order.”

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